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DIGIAGE Incubation Program

DIGIAGE Incubation Program

DIGIAGE Game Incubation Program (6 Weeks)

  • Level 5: Teaming and Team Production Level (4 Weeks)
    • Establishment of teams of minimum 4 people (1 Game Designer, 2 Game Developers, 1 Game Artist)
    • Teaming up and producing games in teams
    • 4 weeks game production time
    • 12 hours game production mentoring
  • Level 6: Corporatization and Investment Level of Corporations (2 Weeks)
    • DIGIAGE Seed Investment Meeting
    • Company setup process
    • DIGIAGE Mentoring and Advisory Process
    • Office and Mentoring Support

DIGIAGE Incubation FAQ

DIGIAGE Incubator is a 6-week online mentoring program designed for teams that can develop games.

Those who have graduated from DIGIAGE Game School and established their team or unincorporated teams that are currently developing games can apply.

Teams that develop games in any field without platform or genre restrictions can apply.

The program is open for continuous application.

The application process consists of the following 2 stages: Application Form and Online Interview.

The program is completely free.

The program process will be conducted online.

The program consists of a total of 6 weeks, including a 4-week trial period and a 2-week incorporation period. During this process, meetings will be held with mentors at regular intervals.

Periodic meeting days will be set between mentors and teams.

Teams that are successful in this program receive seed investments, become companies and can be accepted to the DIGIAGE Accelerator program.

Unfortunately, only teams can apply to the DIGIAGE Incubation program. If you wish, you can apply to the DIGIAGE Game School program and get a chance to become a team.

You can apply or apply on our programs page.

DIGIAGE Incubation Program

The DIGIAGE Incubation Program is designed for teams that can develop games.

Upon successful completion of this program, they will be able to receive Pre-Seed and Seed investment.

After incubation, they move on to the DIGIAGE Game Acceleration Program and are again mentored and supported to be ready for the next round of investment.

Who Can Apply?Game development teamsDuration6 WeeksFeeCompletely free of chargeOpen for ApplicationAPPLY NOWShare