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ERASMUS+ DIGIAGE Mobile Game Coding Camp


International Game Camp was organized as the LTT activity of our 2021-2-TR01-KA210-YOU-000049063 project. Within the scope of the project, 70 people participated and a total of 650 participants participated. 53 cities and 51 countries from Turkey participated.

The camp program is shared below within the scope of the project.

Day 1

Our Partners TTB and ASOCIACIJA AKTYVISTAI The camp registrations of our friends participating in our camp were realized. After their registration, they were placed in groups

Day 2

Game ecosystem entrepreneurship trainings were given to our partners. In this training, the advantages and disadvantages of game entrepreneurship, team building, roles in teams were explained to the participants. In this training, which of the team roles are required at which level of the team and how the distribution of tasks will be trained. On the same day, the production process was simulated from idea to launch stage for a sample team. For example, what a hyper casual studio of 5 people went through from idea to launch was covered step by step. Or the steps of an indie team of 11 people to make a computer game were explained by people experienced in this field. The workload of the software and art teams was mentioned so that the participants could ensure the correct distribution between the types of tasks within the team. In order to establish the right team balance, the ratio of successful teams was given.


Day 3

The participants were given introductory level trainings on the programs used according to their interests. The participants were divided into 4 main areas. These areas are software, art, design and marketing.

Participants who want to develop as developers were taught and practiced project opening, project structure establishment, basic coding information. Afterwards, training was given to take the output of the project made with what was taught according to ios and android operating systems. Lastly, error detection and error correction training was given to the developer participants.

For friends who want to develop as an art team member, 2 different course processes have been processed. The first of these is 2D art work and the second is 3D art work. Friends who were interested in 2D art work were given basic trainings on drawing concepts from ideas, designing ui and ux. Participants who practiced drawing concepts in this area tested how successful these concepts were by explaining the ideas together. On the subject of UI and UX, the difference between correct operation and incorrect operation was shown with application training. It was taught that in misuse, users cannot control the screen sufficiently and user loss is experienced. For friends interested in 3D art, practical trainings were organized on light and color issues as well as basic modeling information. Participants were asked to make models and create light color settings. Then, taking successful mobile games as an example, the same image was tried to be captured and explained practically. Finally, the 3D team was told about the things to be considered about game performance and the effect of a model that is the same in appearance but has a different structure on the performance of the game was shown.

For the friends who want to be a member of the design team, trainings on finding an idea, approving the idea, documenting the idea and explaining the idea were given practically. In this training, each participant was expected to find a hyper casual idea, conduct market research and write a PDD. During the training, each participant’s PDD was reviewed and feedback was given. In this way, they tested how the idea conversations with the team should be.

Participants who want to become marketing team members were taught the basics of marketing strategies to be carried out for games to be marketed, especially computer games. In these trainings, different types such as organic marketing or publisher marketing were examined with successful and unsuccessful examples.


Day 4 

Publishers and advertising experts from the gaming industry met with our teams. Participants were told about the experience of working with publishers especially in mobile- hyper casual studios and different methods of generating advertising revenue. The processes that a game goes through from the soft launch were explained through the eyes of publishers. In this training, what publishers expect from the teams, how they try to provide which conditions, how they try to make decisions about games were explained by the publisher representative. In this training, it was aimed for teams to understand the mentality of publishers and try to make themselves the right team. In this training, mega hit – hit – mid scale launch games were examined with examples in terms of initial test values and updates. It was shown to the participants which work was done and how it affected them. 

Day 5

Prototypes continued to be produced.
Here you can see the steps of a game scenario developed in the camp: FINALLOOP

Day 6

The teams explained the projects they developed to our Minister of Industry and Technology Mr. Mustafa Varank.