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Erasmus Digiage Game Development Coding Academy 2

Arrival Day

Under the framework of the 2021-2-TR01-KA220-YOU-000051441 DIGI-AGE Game Development & Coding Academy project, participants from the partner countries of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Norway, and Lithuania have successfully arrived at Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport and settled into their accommodations. They have been provided with a concise briefing regarding the activities scheduled for the first day of the event.


During the welcoming event, all participants took turns introducing themselves. The outcomes of the LTT-1 event, which took place in September, were evaluated, and the program flow of the LTT-2 event was presented, along with discussions on the expected outcomes. During this introductory session, participants were acquainted with the event agenda, and were provided with an overview of the program’s objectives and content. Participants shared their expectations for this event. A comprehensive introduction to Bilişim Vadisi was provided, and during the organized campus tour, attendees had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with both Bilişim Vadisi and the 42Kocaeli software school located within the campus. Participants gained insights not only into the gaming ecosystem within the campus but also into the broader entrepreneurial ecosystem and business processes.

The first day of the event aimed to foster networking opportunities among the participants, enabling them to establish connections with one another. Furthermore, it served as an opportunity for attendees to gain detailed information into the forthcoming activities, including training sessions, workshops, and collaborative projects, which will be conducted throughout the course of the event.


Participants were provided with information on the general framework of the Erasmus+ program and European Citizenship during the second day of the event. In this context, a workshop was conducted, engaging participants in discussions on the distinction between European citizenship and EU citizenship. Furthermore, presentations were delivered on the overall state of the digital gaming ecosystem. A workshop was held to foster the development of active citizenship and intercultural learning skills, accompanied by discussions on methods that can contribute to intercultural interaction. Through the workshop focused on Youthpass and active learning, participants were provided with the opportunity to assess the relationship and opportunities between international projects and activities and the acquisition of culture and knowledge. Moreover, participants engaged in evaluations regarding the role of youth in the digital gaming ecosystem and formulated strategies for the advancement of the ecosystem.



Havva Nur Solhan from Happy Crab Studio shared valuable insights, practical knowledge, and industry experiences with the participants, focusing on game development processes, game design, content creation, and marketing strategies. During the session, participants had the opportunity to acquire hands-on information and learn from the expertise shared by Havva Nur Solhan. In the subsequent session, Semiramis Kulak from Sglobe conducted an informative session that delved into the financial aspects and investment opportunities within the gaming ecosystem. This session provided participants with valuable insights into the financial considerations and opportunities available in the industry.


During the game scenario development workshop, participants utilized the knowledge gained to refine their own game ideas and engage in strategic planning for the potential challenges they may encounter. This workshop aimed to guide participants through the process of developing a game, from the idea stage to the planning of business processes and eventual release. Additionally, through the workshop dedicated to assessing the digital skills of youth and NGOs, participants had the opportunity to analyze their own digital abilities and become aware of areas where improvement is needed. This workshop provided a platform for participants to evaluate their digital competencies and identify stategies for enhancement.


On the fourth day of the event, a workshop was organized to explore the current gaming ecosystem in the partner countries, wherein participants actively engaged in discussions and shared insights regarding the game development processes, investment opportunities, and country-specific policies within their respective nations’ gaming landscapes.  

Furthermore, an on-site visit to bugGameLab was organized, providing participants with the opportunity to witness game development processes firsthand. Dr. Güven Çatak, an Associate Professor from the Department of Digital Game Design at Bahçeşehir University, provided participants with valuable insights into future trends and technologies in the digital gaming ecosystem, discussing extensive research conducted on Turkey’s gaming ecosystem and emerging global trends.


On the final day of the event, the Game Development Summit was organized, marking the culmination of four days filled with knowledge and experiences. Participants presented their own developed game scenarios and delivered insightful presentations on their respective country’s game ecosystems. During these presentations, they shared their ideas and strategies for enhancing the game ecosystem, drawing from the knowledge and experiences gained throughout the event while showcasing their creativity for game development.

As the day drew to a close, a program closing ceremony took place, providing a platform for participants to reflect on their event experiences and share valuable insights gained during their time together. The exchange of thoughts and experiences fostered a sense of collaboration among the attendees, solidifying the bonds forged throughout the event.


In summary, the Game Development Summit on the final day served as a showcase of the participants’ game scenarios, engaging presentations on national game ecosystems, and an opportunity to exchange ideas and strategies for advancing the game industry. This event has successfully instilled inspiration and motivation within the participants to continue their contributions to the evolving game ecosystem. As a result, the five-day LTT-2 event has reached its conclusion, leaving participants with a renewed drive to make an impact in the field of game development.